Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sticky Icky Crunchy Chewy Goodness - Flour Bakery

A couple weeks ago, the SOWA Open Market hosted a food truck rally. All of the amazing local food trucks in one place? I could feel my cholesterol rising as a bunch of friends made plans to meet there one Sunday afternoon. Then the heartbreak. I met my friend Lara, and we were walking over when we get the call. The lines at every truck are an hour plus, and they are running out of food. My dreams of chicken and waffles were dashed, and it was time to come up with a plan B.

If you are ever going to be in this (or any) food situation, you want to be with my girl Lara. I mean, she has a blog called Ham on a Plane. She knows and loves food more than anyone I know. Since we were in the South End, our obvious Plan B was to hit up Flour Bakery. My mouth literally just watered when I typed “Flour Bakery”.

This place is insane. I have never had ANYTHING that came out of this place that did not blow my mind. Amazing cookies, cakes, sandwiches, and a sticky bun to die for. Like, I would really lay down and die for this little ball of heaven. It’s been featured on the Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate” and “Throw Down”.  Bobby Flay is a super fan.  No big deal.

By the time we got to Flour, Lara and I were ready to pass out. Neither one of us had eaten yet, saving all the room in our stomachs for chicken and waffles. We couldn’t wait got our sandwiches, so we started with the sticky bun. Sticky bun as an appetizer. H-E-A-V-E-N.   You can try to make them yourself, but I doubt anyone could be as successful.  I mean, they marinate them overnight in the sticky "goo" and then baste them in it once they are done.  Don't try this at home.  Just go to Flour!  Here is a before and after.

Then it was time for lunch.  In my opinion, a true friend is one who likes to get two things and share.  Love this Lara.  We got the roast beef and the tomato, basil, mozzarella.  Let me start by saying that they are made on house made bread.  MMMMMMMMM!!!!  The roast beef is topped with horseradish cream and the most delicious fried onions.  The TBM was grilled to perfection on nutty bread thats almost a little sweet.  Deeeelish.

To wash it down, no ordinary drink would do.  Of course Flour makes their own fresh raspberry seltzetr. What else would you expect?

After we devoured everything else, it was time for dessert dessert.  The sticky bun before lunch was not dessert, don't get it twisted.  That was breakfast.  Dessert was a house made "oreo" and a chocolate chunk hazlenut cookie.  For the record, this "oreo" was also featured on Food Network.  This place is no joke.  The faux-reo was divine.  Cakier than the packaged variety with a buttery delicious filling.  The chocolate chunk hazlenut cookie was kind of like if you made a jar of Nutella magically crunchy, and mixed in a little butter.  It is by far one of the best cookies I have ever had (outside of this masterpiece)

So if you couldn't tell, I thought this meal totally sucked.  Kidding.  Bummed I missed out on chicken and waffles, but the day was totally redeemed by Flour.  I can not recommend this place enough.  I bet my bottom dollar that you won't be disappointed.  You might gain a couple L-Bs in the process, but well worth the weight.

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