Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To The Left To The Left!

No self respecting woman could put the Break Up playlist on blast without following it up with a healthy dose of self esteem. This list has also been refined over the years and burned and shared with countless friends that just need the boost to realize that they really are “Soooo Much Better Than Him.” So ladies, here are some jams to shake your fanny to while you pack your emotional baggage and get ready to say once and for all… LATER LOSER!

You Can Wallow… For 5 Minutes

It’s fair to say I’ve experienced a break up or two in my day and I know I’m not alone. Your girlfriends will tell you “don’t be upset” and “he isn’t worth it’ blah blah blah. Personally before I can let the healing begin I need to wallow in a big ol’ dose of self pity and Pino Noir set to this soundtrack. Jeesh, I could cry just looking through the set list. Wallow away.