Monday, February 15, 2010

Holy Simplicity.

I hit the mother load. I went to Joanne Fabric for some interfacing so I could start on the Burda Cofee Date Dress and I came home with 19 Simplicity patterns. NINETEEN SIMPLICITY PATTERNS! They were on sale 5 for $5, and of the 20 I looked for all but one were available including 4 or 5 Cynthia Rowleys. What are the odds? And at a normal price of $15-$17 per pop it was a steal of a deal.

I need to get crackin so I have dresses to wear this summer, and I’m not locked inside tied to my Singer making these frocks. I will keep you posted!

OK, Wendy Did It.

I told you I have some crafty sisters. This weekend at my mom's 60th birthday party my niece Samirah rolled in wearing the most fabulous leg warmers. I asked my sister where she got the pattern so I could link to it, but the crafty lady just whipped it up herself, sans pattern! She said it's a simple tube, and she wove some satin ribbon through.

Is she not the cutest and most stylish 3 year old around?