Friday, August 6, 2010

Anthropologie... This Girl Loves a Sale!

For years I have been outlining (very tactically) what I am going to do with my Powerball winnings.  Right after I pay off my sisters' mortgages my next step is to buy property in New York, London, and of course Boston and outfit every inch of each in Anthropologie.  And while I'm at it, my entire wardrobe.  I LOVE Anthropologie.  I want to live in the store.  I am obsessed with Man Shops Globe.  I want to BE Anthropologie.

That said, I'm cheap.  I buy 99% of my clothes at Old Navy and Target.  Yet, when I hit a sale at Anthropologie an $80 dress seems like a steal of a deal.  My usual test is... "Would you love it this much if it was at Old Navy?"  Usually the answer is no, I have to talk myself down from even the sale stuff.  Until today.

I was waiting for someone to show up to a meeting (they never did... YES!) so I started perusing  I found the beautiful Mimeo Blouse for $19.95 and free shipping!  This is 80% off.  Can't beat it! 

And I love it.  Not just because it's Anthropologie and I can afford it.  I reeeeally love it.  Can't wait to wear it!