Friday, June 4, 2010

Blog Crush - Joy The Baker

Aaaaaand the blog love continues.  Joy The Baker is laugh out loud funny + baking.   My kind of blog!  What really got me was a post called "How to Impress a Boy by Baking".  It's utter hillarity, but kept reminding me of my recent blunder where a date asked me what I like to cook and I said "salad dressing".  My friends laughed about that all last weekend.  Clearly I should have read this post and I would have had him eating out of my hand.

Some highlights:

"Even if you are a wild, foul-mouthed hippie… you’re a wild foul-mouthed hippie who can cook. Moms like girls who can cook. Be a girl who can cook."

"boys are happiest with a simple meal that involves steak, barbecue sauce, and warm chocolate chip cookies."

"And that’s my two cents… put that in your brain hole to marinate"

Blog Crush - My Tartlette

There's nothing like being home on a Friday night with crippling heart burn and an empty DVR.  Thank God for the interwebs.  I stumbled across and fell instantly head over heels in love.  Look at these pictures!

My Tartlette is making me
1) Want to learn French
2) Get an incredible camera
3) Become a macaroon making machine
4) Have the ability to quit my job, and cook and blog for a living
     4a) Be able to eat incredible creations like this and not gain 100lbs. 
     4b) Or get crippling acid reflux.

I think I got about 20 pages deep and I'm still going.  This blog is beautiful, and inspiring.  Enjoy!