Friday, June 4, 2010

Blog Crush - Joy The Baker

Aaaaaand the blog love continues.  Joy The Baker is laugh out loud funny + baking.   My kind of blog!  What really got me was a post called "How to Impress a Boy by Baking".  It's utter hillarity, but kept reminding me of my recent blunder where a date asked me what I like to cook and I said "salad dressing".  My friends laughed about that all last weekend.  Clearly I should have read this post and I would have had him eating out of my hand.

Some highlights:

"Even if you are a wild, foul-mouthed hippie… you’re a wild foul-mouthed hippie who can cook. Moms like girls who can cook. Be a girl who can cook."

"boys are happiest with a simple meal that involves steak, barbecue sauce, and warm chocolate chip cookies."

"And that’s my two cents… put that in your brain hole to marinate"

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