Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Name Is Liz. L-I-Z. And I'm Off The Sauce.

I’m a salad-dressing-making-aholic. Granted, I have created some delicious salad dressings over the last few months. But I realized recently that I just might have a problem.

I was on a date last weekend and the following embarrassing conversation ensued.
Cute Date: “Do you like to cook?”
Liz: “I LOVE to cook!”
Cute Date: “What’s your specialty?”
Liz: “Hmm… I don’t really have one.”
Cute Date: “You must have one”
Liz: “I don’t think I do. Do you?”
Cute Date: “Mine is mushroom risotto.”
Long Pause
Liz: “Well… lately I’ve been making a lot of salad dressing.”
Cute Date: ---Speechless---

SALAD DRESSING??? That’s all I could come up with? SALAD DRESSING. Not lemon roast chicken, eggs benedict, homemade baked macaroni & cheese. Nope. Salad dressing. Which leads me into reason #736 that I am single. What guy sees himself with a girl who is really really good at making SALAD DRESSING?!?!  He can look forward to a lifetime of lettuce and misery.  I think I would have gotten a better response if I answered "Cupcakes for our future childrens' birthdays".  What an idiot!

I get it, I need an intervention. So today, I bought my first bottle of pre-made salad dressing in a long time. I went with Newman’s Olive Oil & Vinegar. Basic, but it got high ratings from Clean Eating Magazine. It’s delicious, and I love supporting Newman’s. So, I’m off the sauce for a while so I can concentrate on making some actual food.

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