Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crossfit Update and the Best Season of All

I did Crossfit for a month.  I gave it the old college try.  And you know what?  I hate it.  And that's OK.

What led me to this realization was a workshop I went to on Wednesday that was run by a health coach and a life coach where we created "vision boards".  Sounded like total happy bull shit and I was dreading going, but I agreed to go with my friend Sarah and we had to follow through.  On the way over we were both saying how swamped we are at work and how as soon as it was over we were heading back to my apartment to do more work. 

So we enter the workshop.  Take off our shoes, and sit on the floor in a circle of ten women.  We meditate, we agree to leave our stress at the door, yaddah yaddah.  We get started on the process of tearing images out of magazines that we liked.  Not that mean anything like "I should work out more" but just things that made us happy.  We then edited down our pictures and started gluing our boards together.  While we were doing this, the instructors came around and asked questions about what we were choosing.  I had some images of women working out and looking really happy.  We are about T minus ten seconds from my breakthrough.  After about a question and a half I started spouting out how I hate Crossfit but it seems like something I "should" do.  I haven't eaten a carb in a month (except for my meltdown the night before which included a burrito, a bottle of Rose, and a lot of tears... long story) and how I needed to find exercise I actually enjoy.  My vision board came out pretty awesome and it's now hanging at my desk.  It reminds me that it's OK to take some time to relax, and live a more balanced life.  Not no carb, dead lifts, and squats.  Also.. "food is not a reward or a punishment".  Which is pretty much exactly how I eat.  So instead of going home to do more work, we went out for the most amazing pizza at Motorino, and a bottle of sparkling red wine.  To die.  Oh yeah, carbs are back in my life in a MAJOR way. 

Friday I met up with my beautiful, fabulous friend Ly who is visiting from Dublin.  We realized that we haven't seen each other in three years, since I was last in Dublin!  The best part about a friend like her is that I saw her, we chatted and chatted like not a day had gone by.  I miraculously guessed the name of her baby girl due in December.  Like, and Irish name that sounds nothing like how it's spelled (I'm still proud of myself).

And Saturday we headed to my lovely friend Sarah's house in upstate New York for some R and R.  Her parents spoiled us absolutely rotten.  We had tons of great food, great laughs, and girl time.  We were away one night, but it felt like a real vacation.  And we went to Jones Farm, which is in my opinion heaven on Earth.  We checked out the farm, the pumpkins, and the most insane baked goods around.  I had three cider donuts (did I mention carbs are back?) and headed back to the city today. 

It's been an amazing week, and I did some good hard thinking about my health and what's next.  Crossfit is out, but something else has to come in.  I might start seeing a health coach to get on track.  It seems like a good way to deal with whatever is making me eat a burrito when I have a bad day, and need to go to confession over the guilt. 

Here's to another amazing week!