Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I was searching for a housewarming present for a friend who I hope won't read this blog until after Sunday.  Not having seen her new house or decor, I wasn't sure what to bring.  While I was at Crate & Barrel buying my dream pitcher, I came across this little gem

Paired with a few bottles of wine, I think it will make a fantastic gift.  And the price?  Give me a break.  Less than $20 for the carafe and 4 glasses!  I think I need to get my own!

Ask And You Shall Receive

It’s just about summertime! The season for sipping copious amounts of Arnold Palmers, John Daleys (Arnold Palmers +Vodka) and iced tea.

I have amassed quite a tea collection via my tea-a-holic mother, and I want to start keeping iced tea on hand. The problem? My apartment has a midget fridge, and I am always low on space. My little pea brain started thinking of the perfect pitcher for the cause. I wanted glass because I am kind of plastic-phobic. I wanted slim and space saving (midget fridge, remember?) And I wanted a lid (I’m ok with that bit being plastic).

So I started my search at the usual retail suspects. I found decent pitchers but plastic, or good glass ones with no lids. It looked like my dream pitcher would not come to fruition. And then, a friend suggested Crate & Barrel (Duhhhh).

And there it was… slender, glass, lid with strainer. Pitcher perfection for $10.95. Let the iced tea sipping begin! 

I got one for work too.  Filled it with water, and chucked in a sliced cucumber.  This will make sitting at my desk a spa like experience.  Almost.