Sunday, September 26, 2010

Work It!

Queue the Missy Elliot...

1. Any responsible office calls for responsible shelving, and this guy does the trick! It’s simple and classic, and would look great crammed with magazine files and storage boxes. Tactfully crammed, not Hoarders crammed.

2. I’m a sucker for a modge podge of art or pictures. I have one on my wall, which I should probably show you some time. These three pieces are from three different places. First is the stunning Couture print from ZGallery. It makes me want to go play with my make up right now! Next is this precious silhouette of two friends from West Elm.  I love it to bits (and could totally replicate it for less than $1). And finally, Boston pride courtesy of Ork Posters. If you have pride in somewhere else, you should still put Boston on your wall. But if you insist, there are other options.

3. You may ask… where will you put a throw pillow in an office? Easy peasy. On the chair, piled on the floor as cushions, or on the desk instead of your laptop. They add personality and charm. Gotta have em. Plus, this one looks like an E. I’ll take it.
4. & 5. Time to get down to business. You need a desk and a chair.

The desk is from West Elm. The color is unique, and adds tons of character to the room. You could pick a more neutral tone, but that would be responsible.

Now to park your fanny. This chair is modern and looks great with the clean lines of the desk. It looks way expensive, almost like a white Herman Miller, but at a fraction of the price.

6 Love this rug. Love it love it love it. Nuff said.

7. Baskets are a touchy subject. It’s easy to be country kitschy. At the same time, you need somewhere to stash your stuff. These are modern, and the weave on these is thick enough to hide your Us Weeklys.

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