Friday, February 12, 2010

Studio Living... Urban Chic

Living in a studio apartment certainly presents some challenges, and forces you to get creative with space. My best friend Kate has deemed my apartment "Urban Chic" (LOVE HER). Here is one of my favorite solutions for creative studio living. This is the play by play of how I make the most of my space.

First things first... the bones are a Metro Shelf from the Container Store. I have the canvas cover that zips closed if you ever want to completely conceal the goods. This shelf is totally customizable, and I used to use it with a closet bar. Great investment, when you get sick of it one day when you have a real house you could even put it in the basement or garage.

1-3) Baskets from the Christmas Tree Shop. I store bathing suits, beach towels, and other out of season goods you don't need to access often.

4) Mini version of the same Christmas Tree baskets, perfect for DVDs

5) IKEA EMU boxes, good for storing mail and bills

6) Place to stash throw pillows. Great pattern coming up for the white and grey one...

7-8) I can't find these little beauties on the IKEA site, but I use them for storing small random things like phone chargers, hand weights, extensions cords etc. I said random!

9-11) From the same IKEA series. #9 is crewneck & turtleneck sweaters, #10 is cardigans and #11 is my dirty laundry. But it looks pretty doesn't it?

With a couple tricks you can disguise your lame and ugly things so that even though they are technically on display in your living room, no one knows the wiser. Now that's Urban Chic!

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