Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wine and whine with the gals!

It’s official, Spring has sprung! The weather crept above 50 and all of us Boston gals broke out our spring finest. Pasty legs? Who cares? It’s dress season! We have a glimpse of summer and we are going to CELEBRATE! I don’t know about you, but when this weather hits all I want to do is sit outside with some good wine and great girlfriends. Here is the soundtrack to do just that.

What wine should you pair with this play list you ask? I have some suggestions for that too. I am of the school that good wine does not have to be expensive. I rarely if ever spend more than $10 on a bottle of wine, and I love me some Charles Shaw (Two Buck Chuck). Below are a few of my favorites du’jour. Let me know what you think.

 Red – Echelon Merlot ($3.99) One night I wandered into Trader Joe’s and when the woman in the wine section asked if I needed help. I said no thank you. Then she said “We have a great Merlot for $3.99.” I said “YES PLEASE!” I am a die hard Pinot Noir fan but this Merlot is mellow, and just a twinge sweet. Well worth $3.99 and a change of pace.

White – Woodstock Sauvignon Blanc ($4.99) Normally I would say the Charles Shaw Sauvignon Blanc, but there is a new comer in my life. Woodstock Sauvignon Blanc. White is typically only my choice when paired with a patio and $1 oysters but I always keep some on hand for my friend Jen. The beauty of cheap wine is that we can open a bottle of red and a white and if we don’t finish them (like that ever happens) what’s the big deal? This beauty is clean and crisp, just a little fruity. Spring time in a glass.

Sparkling – Albero Cava Brut ($6.99) As far as I’m concerned, “sparkling” is the fifth food group. It goes great on all occasions and can lighten just about any situation. The added bonus of this Albero is that it is organic. You heard me, organic at $6.99! When you can’t or just plain don’t want to drop a lot on a bottle of bubbly, this is an excellent choice. Plus it’s organic so it’s good for your health.

Well my fellow booze bags, happy spring time! Get out there and rediscover your favorite patio bars, old friends with patios, strangers’ patios, front stoops, whatever you got. Enjoy every second of sunshine before you forget what winter feels like.

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