Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

It hit 50 degrees in Boston this weekend. That may not sound like a big deal but that little dose of warmth was all it took to send the whole city into a sunshine-y frenzy. I even went for my first outdoor run of the season yesterday. And while only two miles, today I feel like my legs were hit with a baseball bat. Repeatedly.

But the good news… it’s almost dress season! I have spent all of my indoor time this weekend looking at dresses to hold me over until I sew some of my to-dos. In the spirit of being fiscally responsible these are all things I want but have not purchased (OK, I bought the sandals).

1) Flutter Capsleeve Floral Dress - Forever 21
2) TarteVitamin-Infused Lipgloss in Apple-A-Day - Sephora
3) OPI Nail Lacquer, Pompeii Purple -
4) Flash-And-Fete Clutch - Anthropologie
5) Burnished Metallic Gladiator Sandals - Old Navy


  1. I really want spring to be here so badly it hurts! Love the color pallet!

  2. Thanks Jade! Everything on has me itching for spring so bad! This weather better stick around.