Monday, March 29, 2010

Skirting The Issue

Will I ever run out of pun intended titles? Doubtful.

I said I was going to sew this year so damn it, I’m gonna do it. To ease myself in I started with the amazing tutorial for the 20 minute skirt from Grosgrain Fabulous. I can see how it would take a seasoned sewer 20 minutes, but me… more like 45. Still, in 45 minutes each and the change in the bottom of my bag, I got two new skirts. Not bad for an afternoon’s work.

My first step was heading to Joann for supplies. All I needed was fabric and elastic, and I used mis matched thread I had at home. First I found crazy navy/pink sail boat material on clearance for $4 a yard. I think it is perfect for summer. The brown/red/aqua fabric was $9 a yard but I was mesmerized by it. I just love it and had to have it. I grabbed two packages of ¾” elastic for a buck a pop. The pink and red bottom layers were on sale 2 yards for $3 so the grand total was just $18. Not too shabby!

I won’t bother reinventing the wheel since the tutorial is so good. I just printed it out and kept it next to me as a guide. I wound my bobbins and threaded my machine before I put the pedal to the metal. The only semi tricky part was making sure I sewed straight when making the elastic casing. I built in a 1” allowance for ¾” elastic and figured as long as I didn’t sew like a drunken sailor I would be OK. Except for the one part where I did sew like a drunken sailor and the elastic has to fold to fit through. Oops! For everything else I found that when in doubt if I pinned like a mother chucker and/or pressed seams to help make a clean edge (like when doing the casing) I did ok. This pattern is so incredibly forgivable so it was a great way for me to ease back into sewing without committing to something too daunting.

I have plans to make about a gazillion of these over the summer. I want to dig through all of my mom’s fabric that has been filling up the basement and attic for years. There is some funky old stuff in there for sure. In the next round I may use ¾ yard to make it a little less full. I don’t mind the fullness except that the waist band tends to show through a t-shirt. I would also like to try a slightly heavier fabric and maybe just do one layer. Oh the possibilities!

Side note- I read a billion sewing blogs and I knew I recognized the floral fabric from somewhere, I didn’t realize it was from the skirt tutorial until I got home. So, I have a legit replica of Grosgrain Fabulous’ handiwork. I am now so in love with the fabric that I might make a valance out of it for my kitchen. In fact, I actually hung the skirt IN my window to see how it would look! I smell a new project…


  1. I really need a sewing machine, 45 mintues?! As a knitter getting anything done in 45 mins is unheard of, and please, I veto knitted skirts of all creeds.

  2. You totally need a sewing machine. You would make amazing things! I envy your knitting. It confuses the hell out of me.